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Case Study: Greiner Consulting Group



Greiner Consulting Group provides coaching, consulting and professional development services for top firms in the legal industry—focusing in the area of talent development for firms and corporations. We collaborated with their internal team to reinvent their branding, website and all of their sales and marketing collateral.




The company had been experiencing tectonic shifts in their competitive market. The team was losing the wind in their sails and greatly needed to reinvigorate connection to their brand to jumpstart their sales efforts. The main challenge was to integrate the team’s knowledge into and to understand the diverse international landscape and instill brand pride in all of their efforts.


We explored and crafted a meaningful brand presence, establishing the brand’s foundational value, visuals and voice in order to increase awareness, consistency and affinity to this very unique and specialized team and its services.


  1. Intake / Questionnaire

  2. Presentation with Group Exercises (live)

  3. Results Presentation and Mood Boards

  4. Creative Brief

  5. Photography Assets and Logo Design

  6. Presentation of Web Themes

  7. Release of Preliminary Assets (Logos)

  8. Wire-framing / Outlining Website

  9. Brand Voice, Copy and Bio Writing

  10. Web Design

  11. Collateral Design—Identity Program and Promos

  12. Event Branding and Signage


We collaborated with Greiner Consulting on an extensive survey of the Brand’s existing and desired positioning, including all team members in the process.

We then became the creative directors for all items relevant to their brand voice and visuals while coaching team leaders to establish the brand’s unique voice, based on our findings.

We then redesigned all of their branding and marketing collateral.






Greiner Consulting Group was transformed into an elegant and highly sophisticated brand that visualized and verbalized the company’s unique approach across a variety of collateral including Logo Design, Brand Voice, Visual Library Assets, Website, Event Materials, Promotional Brochures, Email Newsletters and communications. In the process, Greiner Consulting was inspired to rename the brand Greiner Consulting Group.


When we first met with the client, they were extremely dissatisfied with their marketing presence and skeptical about engaging in a new process. We worked closely with them to define their needs and to fulfill on our promise, and according to our client, we've exceeded their expectations. They gained value in the discovery and design process, and are able to market with clarity, understanding and feel proud to share and promote the brand.


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